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A checklist is provided for anyone who has problems logging in to the Coret Genealogy websites ( Open Archives , Genealogy Online , Family Archivist , Stamboom Forum and / or Stamboom Gids ):

  1. Check in your own mail program, with which e-mail address you are registered with Coret Genealogy (search for mail with sender
  2. Enter this e-mail address on the 'Forgot your password' page (available in the top right menu) and follow the instructions.
  3. If you do not receive an e-mail as described in the previous point, it may be that
    1) the e-mail message is blocked by a spam filter on your side (your e-mail program or your internet provider) or
    2) that the e-mail address is not known at Coret Genealogie. In this case it is best to register again. You will find this option in the menu at the top right.

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