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Examples of how to use the search function of Open Archives:
  • Kriek - search for people with the name Kriek
  • Frederik van Kan - search for persons with nameparts Frederik, Van and Kan
  • "Eduard de Jonge" - search (exact) for persons named Eduard de Jong
  • Kool & Blokland - search for persons with name part Kool related to persons with name part Blokland = search for two people
  • K*sper - search for persons with the name parts Kysper, Kijsper, Keijsper, etc. = wildcard search (* and ?)
  • Groot 1822 - search for persons with namepart Groot related to an event in 1822
  • Dijkstra 1905-1910 - search for persons with namepart Dijkstra related to an event in the period 1905 to 1910
  • Rodenburg -Catharina - search for persons with namepart Rodenburg and not namepart Catharina
  • Wiggers $ - search for persons with namepart Wiggers related to a scanned record
  • ~Doek - search for people with a name part that sounds like Cloth = phonetic search
  • >Vincent - search for persons with surname Vincent
  • %directeur - search for persons who were director (directeur) by profession

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