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Know all men bij these presents that on this the
9n. day of October Ao. Dni. One thousand seven
hundred and Sixty beforeme Daniel van
den Brink Notarij publick duelij Sworne and ad¬
mitted bij the Court of Holland resideing in Am¬
sterdam and in the presence of the Witnesses
hereafter named personnally appeared M.
Gerrit Meijnts of this said City merchant
(well known to me the said notarij) being of sound
mind and memory who Considering the frailty
of men 's life and having Certain goods Chattels
and Credits in England did declave to have made
nominated and appointed as he doth make
nominate and appoint bij these present his wel
beloved wite Mrs. Elisabeth van
den Bergh
to be Executrix ofthis his present last will for
immediately after the decease of him the said ap¬
pearor to Appear before the right worshipfull the Judge
of the prerogative Court of Canterburij or his lawfuls
surrogate oranij Competent Judge oft in this
behalf and to pray and procure lettors of admini
stratoon (with this will annerd:) off the goods Cha
tels and Credits of him the said appearorstan¬
dingat his decease in England in his own


Amsterdam City Archives, archive number 5075, Archief van de Notarissen ter Standplaats Amsterdam, 1578-1915, inventory number 10518, Daniel van Den Brink, Minuutacten, 1760 september,oktober

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