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Know all men by these presents that I Dirk Iff
of Westzaanden near een te Amsterdam merchant
do make Constitute and appoint ser Joshua van Necr
Baronet, Thomas Walpole Esqr. and Mr. Daniel Olivies
of London merchant Jointly or separately my trus¬
and lawfull Attorneys for me in my name and or
mi behalf to Contract for accept and receive all
such Intrest or share in the Capetal or Joint stock
of four percent annuities erected by an act of
parliament of the thirty therd year of the reign o
his majesty king George the second Intetted an
act for qranting to his majesty several duties upon
malt, and for raising the sum of Eight: millions
by annuities and a Lottery te be charged on the
said duties &c) transferrable at the bank of
England, which might or shall hereafter betran¬
ferred to me and to receive and give receipts
for all devidents now due and that hereafter
shall grow due and payable on any my said
Annuities for the time being, Ratifying and
Confirming all that mij said attorneys or
either of them shall do therein by virtue hereof
in witness whereof I have hereunto sett my
hand and seal in Amsterdam afores aid
the 26t. day of september Ao. dni. 1760
igned and Sealed
Dirk Ip
in the presence of us
Willem Aimpels
A. Fredk. Adami
D Vanden Brink


Amsterdam City Archives, archive number 5075, Archief van de Notarissen ter Standplaats Amsterdam, 1578-1915, inventory number 10518, Daniel van Den Brink, Minuutacten, 1760 september,oktober

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