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In the Netherlands, 180,000 people have been registered as war victims by the War Graves Foundation. Men, women and children who lost their lives during the Second World War or during violent conflicts afterwards - such as in the former Dutch East Indies and during recent peace missions.

All these people have a story, no matter how short and simple. The War Graves Foundation wants to keep the memory of these people alive. They do this by collecting and sharing their stories on their website and by maintaining the 50,000 Dutch war graves around the world. The underlying personal files can be requested from the National Archive (this source is not provided with scans). Open Archives often also provides a link to a personal page on the website of the Oorlogsgravenstichting .

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This index contains 210,263 historical person listings.


National Archives, The Hague, War Graves Foundation (OGS): Personal files, access number


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