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The slave register of Curaçao is a registration of everyone who was owned by private slave owners in Curaçao in the period 1839 until the abolition of slavery in 1863. The first name, year of birth, the name of the mother and the name of the slave owner are stated for each person. In addition, it also contains information about births, deaths, sales of people and the import and export of people, because Curaçao remained a center of small-scale international slave trade in the nineteenth century. The emancipation registers are registers of people who were released from slavery on 1 July 1863. They are an important addition to the slave register, because the emancipation registers contain the surnames that people were given in 1863

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This index contains 46,819 historical person listings.


National Archives, Curaçao: slave register and emancipation registers 1839-1863.


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