Question/answer » How can I cancel my subscription?

If you take out a Plus subscription to the Open Archives, Genealogy Online, Familie Archivist and/or the Stamboom Forum, you have 2 payment options:

  1. you authorize Coret Genealogie to collect the subscription fee;
  2. you pay the subscription fee immediately, once.

A Plus subscription is an annual subscription for which you pay in advance. Canceling a Plus subscription does not lead to a refund.

A few weeks before the end of the annual subscription, Coret Genealogie will send you a message, depending on the payment method:

  1. with a direct debit authorization, the message will be that the Plus subscription fee will be collected again in some time. Mention is also made here of the option to revoke the direct debit authorization;
  2. if there is no direct debit authorization, then the notification will be that the Plus subscription will expire and also mention will be made of the way in which you can renew your Plus subscription for one or more services for another year. If you do not renew the Plus subscription, you can no longer use the Plus subscription. The Plus subscription will be converted to the free Trial subscription.

Do you want to stop using Open Archives, Genealogy Online, Family Archivist and/or the Stamboom Forum altogether?

Open Archives, Genealogy Online, Familie Archivist and the Stamboom Forum all have both a paid Plus subscription with more features, and a free Trial subscription.

All these services share one user registration, so that you can easily log in to all services and also receive a discount if you take out a Plus subscription for multiple services.

If you no longer wish to use the services at all, you can terminate your registration (via your profile). All your data will then be deleted, you can no longer use any current Plus subscriptions.

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