Jurgen Christiaan Knoop, on May 26, 1757 in the service of the Dutch East India Company

  • Departure
  • 1757
  • Monday, 19 September
    116 days after departure
    Arrival of the ship Vrouwe Petronella on the Cape
  • Monday, 10 October
    21 days after arrival at the Cape
    Departure of the ship Vrouwe Petronella of the Cape
  • 1758
  • Sunday, 8 January
    90 days after departure from the Cape, 227 days after departure from the Netherlands
    Arrival of the ship Vrouwe Petronella in Batavia


Month certificate: No / Debenture: indistinct

Source citation

Nationaal Archief (Netherlands), Dutch East India Company, archive 1.04.02, inventory number 14778, folio 239

VOC - voyagers, this index was developed through a joint initiative of the archives of Delft and Rotterdam, Zeeuws archief, Westfries Archief (Hoorn and Enkhuizen) and the departments of history from the Universities of Leiden and Ghent.

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