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What data are there in this dataset?

The open data consists of the metadata of 55,824 deeds of Heritage 's-Hertogenbosch, with 55,824 historical personal details. The pie chart shows the number of person entries per source type.

How can the dataset be downloaded?

Harvesting (A2A/XML)

The dataset with metadata of recprds of Heritage 's-Hertogenbosch is offered as OAI-PMH metadata feed. This feed is an implementation of an OAI-PMH data provider, based on OAI-PMH 2.0. The metadata is structured according to the Archives 2 All (A2A) model.

The URLs to harvests this dataset (set = ehb):

Download (linked data)

The dataset can be downloaded in N-triples format as a compressed file (.ttl.gz.):

Download (CSV)

The dataset can be downloaded in parts in CSV format as a compressed file (.csv.gz):


Creative Commons LicenseThis dataset is offered by Open Archives under a Creative Commons 0 license (Public Domain Dedication). This means that you can copy, modify, distribute and execute the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. It is appreciated if you contact Open Archives if you use this dataset, maybe we can do even more for each other!

The dataset can contain URLs to images and images of third-party viewers, the CC0-license does not apply to those items! Check the website of the relevant archive which license is linked to that material.

For questions and comments about this dataset, please contact Open Archives.

Datasetbeschrijving in JSON-LD

{ "@context": "", "@type": "Dataset", "@id": "", "identifier": "", "name": [ { "@value": "Dataset genealogische metadata Erfgoed 's-Hertogenbosch via Open Archieven", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Dataset genealogical metadata Heritage 's-Hertogenbosch via Open Archives", "@language": "en" } ], "mainEntityOfPage": "", "thumbnailUrl": "", "inLanguage": "nl-NL", "isAccessibleForFree": true, "spatialCoverage": { "@id": "", "@type": "Place", "name": "Netherlands" }, "distribution": [ { "@type": "DataDownload", "@id": "", "contentUrl": "", "encodingFormat": "application/xml", "genre": "OAI-PMH-endpoint", "description": [ { "@value": "OAI-PMH endpoint met XML gebaseerd op het A2A model", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "OAI-PMH endpoint with XML based on the A2A model", "@language": "en" } ] }, { "@type": "DataDownload", "@id": "", "contentUrl": "", "description": [ { "@value": "Gecomprimeerd N-triples bestand met gegevens van brontype bevolkingsregisters", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Compressed N-triples file with data of source type population registers", "@language": "en" } ], "contentSize": "25 MB", "inLanguage": "nl-NL", "datePublished": "2024-01-17", "license": "", "encodingFormat": "text/csv+gzip" }, { "@type": "DataDownload", "@id": "", "contentUrl": "", "description": [ { "@value": "Gecomprimeerd CSV bestand met gegevens van brontype bevolkingsregisters", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Compressed CSV file with data of source type population registers", "@language": "en" } ], "contentSize": "4 MB", "inLanguage": "nl-NL", "datePublished": "2024-01-17", "license": "", "encodingFormat": "text/csv+gzip" } ], "keywords": [ { "@value": "Historische persoonsvermeldingen", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Genealogie", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Bevolkingsregisters", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Historical personal data", "@language": "en" }, { "@value": "Genealogy", "@language": "en" }, { "@value": "Population registers", "@language": "en" } ], "description": [ { "@value": "De open data bestaat uit de metadata van 55.824 akten van Erfgoed 's-Hertogenbosch, met daarop 55.824 historische persoonsvermeldingen. De brontypes omvatten bevolkingsregisters. Deze dataset kan doorzocht worden via", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "The open data consists of metadata from 55,824 records of Heritage 's-Hertogenbosch, with 55.824 historical person observations. The source types included population registers. This dataset can be searched via", "@language": "en" } ], "license": "", "publisher": { "@id": "", "@type": "Organization", "name": [ { "@language": "nl", "@value": "Open Archieven" }, { "@language": "en", "@value": "Open Archives" } ], "logo": "", "contactPoint": { "@id": "", "@type": "ContactPoint", "name": [ { "@value": "Databeheerder Open Archieven", "@language": "nl" }, { "@value": "Datamanager Open Archives", "@language": "en" } ], "email": "" } }, "creator": { "@id": "", "@type": "Organization", "name": "Heritage 's-Hertogenbosch", "identifier": "NL-HtSA" }, "includedInDataCatalog": { "@id": "", "name": "Open Archieven datasets" }, "dateCreated": "2024-01-17", "dateModified": "2024-01-17" }

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