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Beware: this is the documentation of the 1.1 version of this method which uses archive_code (not archive) for archive code. The old version 1.0 is still available, see the 1.0 documentation.

Shows statistics about the source types.





archive_codeNoCode of archive (obtain a list of valid archive codes via Stats/Archives)
callbackNoFunction name to be called on JSON data (JSONP).


If no archive_code is specified, all source types are shown with the total number of records.

Example: outputs (pretty-printed):

		"sourcetype": "DTB Dopen",
		"sourcetypelocal": "DTB Dopen",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Church records baptisms",
		"count": 1723821
		"sourcetype": "BS Geboorte",
		"sourcetypelocal": "BS Geboorte",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Civil registration births",
		"count": 606662
		"sourcetype": "BS Overlijden",
		"sourcetypelocal": "BS Overlijden",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Civil registration deaths",
		"count": 604219
		"sourcetype": "DTB Trouwen",
		"sourcetypelocal": "DTB Trouwen",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Church records marriages",
		"count": 326972
		"sourcetype": "BS Huwelijk",
		"sourcetypelocal": "BS Huwelijk",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Civil registration marriages",
		"count": 317304
		"sourcetype": "Bevolkingsregister",
		"sourcetypelocal": "Bevolkingsregister",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Population register",
		"count": 256672
		"sourcetype": "Notari\u00eble archieven",
		"sourcetypelocal": "Notari\u00eble archieven",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Notarial records",
		"count": 247676
		"sourcetype": "Bonboeken",
		"sourcetypelocal": "Bonboeken",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Tax books",
		"count": 196418
		"sourcetype": "DTB Begraven",
		"sourcetypelocal": "DTB Begraven",
		"sourcetypeenglish": "Church records burials",
		"count": 163810


One of the following errors may be thrown:

Error codeError message
1Invalid archive

An example error looks (pretty-printed) like:

	"error_code": 1,
	"error_description": "Invalid archive"

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