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Shows top X list of firstnames in the specified place and year. When a person has multiple fornames, only the first is counted.





eventplaceYesExisting place name. Currenlty, only Amsterdam is availableAmsterdam
eventyearYesThe year of events to include in selection (minimum=1600, maximum=1960).
number_showNoMaximum number (the 'X') of results (maximum=50).10
callbackNoFunction name to be called on JSON data (JSONP).


Example: outputs (pretty-printed):

	request: {
		eventplace: "Amsterdam",
		eventyear: 1720,
		number_show: 10
	response: {
		firstnames: {
			Anna: 248,
			Jan: 232,
			Maria: 229,
			Johannes: 187,
			Pieter: 147,
			Johanna: 135,
			Catharina: 114,
			Joannes: 109,
			Jacob: 88,
			Jacobus: 81


One of the following errors may be thrown:

Error codeError message
4Invalid lang
10Invalid number_show
23Value of number_show exceeds defined maximum
43Value of eventyear is below defined minimum (1600) or above defined maximum (1960)
44Missing eventyear
45Missing eventplace

An example error looks (pretty-printed) like:

	"error_code": 1,
	"error_description": "Invalid archive"

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