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This method lists the approved comments made on records. Can be used by open archives to supplement their data with this user generated content.





archiveNoFilter returned comments on archive (see Stats/Archives for a list of valid archive codes)
number_showNoNumber of results to show (max=100)10
sinceNoFilter the results on date the links where created
callbackNoFunction name to be called on JSON data


The returned data in is JSON(P) format and contains the the selected comments, with the authors name (not validated), creation date and unique ID.

Example: outputs:

		"id": "986865669",
		"identifier": "1ab53c35-8f00-4208-d75e-eba4d0bef198",
		"archive": "elo",
		"name": "coret",
		"comment": "Catharina Angenita ('Kaatje') van Dam-Groeneveld (Leiden, 20 november 1887 - aldaar, 16 februari 2001) was van 14 augustus 1997 tot haar overlijden de oudste erkende levende persoon in Nederland.\r\n\r\nBron: http:\/\/\/wiki\/Catharina_van_Dam-Groeneveld",
		"created": "2013-08-03 09:41:05"
		"id": "986869268",
		"identifier": "44620ed1-75ba-310e-53b3-4b0acda8a3b1",
		"archive": "elo",
		"name": "coret",
		"comment": "Maria Catharina Swanenburg, beter bekend als Goeie Mie en de Leidse Gifmengster (Leiden, 9 september 1839 - Gorinchem, 11 april 1915) was een Nederlandse seriemoordenares. Ze vergiftigde in drie jaar tijd meer dan honderd van haar buurtgenoten van wie er zevenentwintig overleden, maar werd verdacht van het doden van meer dan negentig personen door vergiftiging.\r\n\r\nBron: http:\/\/\/wiki\/Maria_Swanenburg\r\n",
		"created": "2013-08-03 09:51:35"
		"id": "986871471",
		"identifier": "44620ed1-75ba-310e-53b3-4b0acda8a3b1",
		"archive": "elo",
		"name": "coret",
		"comment": "Zie ook http:\/\/\/Nieuws\/Tips\/Onderzoek\/Projecten\/BWN\/lemmata\/bwn2\/swanenburg",
		"created": "2013-08-03 09:58:01"


One of the following errors may be thrown:

Error codeError message
1Invalid archive
2Invalid identifier (syntax)
5Invalid format
10Invalid number_show
18Invalid since

An example error looks (pretty-printed) like:

	"error_code": 18,
	"error_description": "Invalid email (syntax)"

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