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This method add a comment with the specified record (this method bypasses the moderation queue).





keyYesAPI key
archiveYesCode of archive (obtain a list of valid archive codes via Stats/Archives)
identifierYesIdentifier of the record
commentYesContents of the comment
nameYesName of commenter
emailYesE-mail address of commenter (not shown publicly)
callbackNoFunction name to be called on JSON data (JSONP).


The result in JSON(P) format is onlye a status "ok" message. An example status looks (pretty-printed) like:

	"status": "ok"


One of the following errors may be thrown:

Error codeError message
1Invalid archive
2Invalid identifier (syntax)
3Invalid key (syntax)
5Invalid format
6Invalid email (syntax)
11Missing required archive
12Missing required identifier
13Missing required key
15Missing required format specification
20Missing required comment
21Missing required name
22Missing required email

An example error looks (pretty-printed) like:

	"error_code": 6,
	"error_description": "Invalid email (syntax)"

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